William C. Farmer -- visual artist

1922 Omaha, Nebraska
Resides 2127 So. 35 Ave., Omaha, NE 68105 -- 402.345.8810
1949 University of Colorado, studied with Max Beckmann
1950 University of Nebraska, BFA
1951 Cranbrook Academy of Art, MFA

Graduate of School of Humanities in Madrid, Spain

1953-1954 Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain
1958-1959 College of Technology, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1967-1970 Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
1979-1980 Creighton University, Systems Sculpture
Art Travels  
1953-1954 Spain, studied works of El Greco and Goya
1966-1967 Mexico, paintings and bronze sculptures
1971-1973 Panama, Meditation series
1989-1992 Nicaragua, four trips building and reconstruction of bronze casting foundry
1993 Mexico, studied murals of Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros
1996 Suwon, South Korea
1996 Valdivia, Chile
1997 Mexico City, Mexico
Professional Experience  
1955-1958 Advertising; World Insurance Company, Omaha
1961-1962 Art Instructor; College of St. Mary, Omaha
1967-1970 Art Instructor; Creighton University, Omaha
1970 Art Instructor; Omaha University, Adult Education, Omaha
1971 Artist-in-Residence; College of St. Mary, Omaha
1975 Art Instructor, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Center for Urban Education, Omaha
1975-1976 Artist-In-The-Schools; Educational Service Unit 3, Omaha Department of Labor, C.E.T.A. and NAC, Omaha
1976 Art Instructor; Metropolitan Community College, Department of Continuing Education, Omaha
1983 Art Instructor; Art Centers, Omaha
1983 Art Instructor; Sienna House, Omaha
1981-1982 The Spirit, welded steel outside wall mural whose symbolism is based on Octavio Paz, commissioned by the Iowa Arts Council for the Iowa School of the Deaf.
1982 Labyrinth, cedar sculpture, commissioned by the Nebraska Arts Council for the Prospect Hill Park Association
1994 The Horrors of War, 6 paintings – enamel on 4' x 8" wood panels, Prairie Peace Park, Lincoln, Neb.
1976-1978 Western Heritage Museum, Omaha
1978-1979 Philip Sher Home, Omaha
1982 NAC Artist in Schools, Ryan High, Omaha-sculpture park
1983 Ryan High, Omaha – Guatemala protest sculpture
1984 NAC, Father Flanagan High School, Omaha – Sculpture Sanctuary
1984 NAC, Children's Museum, Omaha – Styrofoam sculpture
1985 NAC, York High School, York, Neb. – Peace outdoor sculpture
1985-1986 NAC, Presbyterian Metropolitan Ministries of Omaha – children's sculpture
1992 Holdrege High School, Holdrege, Neb. – sculpture garden of socially aware works
1993 Cheney and Rokeby Schools
1994 Thedford Schools
1997 Ainsworth High School
Selected Exhibitions  
1964 Loyola University, Chicago
1965 Mexico City College, Mexico City, Mexico
1965 Galeria Quijano, Mexico City, Mexico
1965 Governor's Invitational, Omaha
1966 Museo de Artes Plasticas, Xalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico
1967 Larcada Gallery, New York City, N.Y.
1967 Nebraska Art Today, Centennial Invitational Exhibition, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha
1984 Antiquarium, Storage Gallery, Omaha
1985 Waxes, Guatemalan Refugee Camps, Antiquarium, Omaha
1986 Paintings & Bronze Images from the Tabernacle Floor, Antiquarium, Omaha
1987 Drawings, Antiquarium, Omaha
1987 Bronzes, Guatemalan Refugee Camps, Antiquarium, Omaha
1988 Lost & Found, Paintings & Bronzes, Antiquarium, Omaha
1988 Recent Bronzes, Antiquarium, Omaha
1989 Bronzes of social protest and religious themes
1989 Bronzes, tour of South Central Nebraska
1990 Nicaragua, Bronzes & Drawings, Antiquarium, Omaha
1990 Mary, Nicaraguan Bronzes
1991 Bronzes, Garden of the Zodiac, Omaha
1991 Bronzes, Farmer Gallery, Antiquarium, Omaha
1993 Paintings, Farmer Gallery, Antiquarium, Omaha
1995 Bronzes, Paintings, Mixed Media, The Forum Gallery, Dana College, Blair, Neb.
1996 Bronzes, Paintings, Mixed Media, Fremont Area Art Association, Fremont, Neb.
1996 Paintings, enamels done in Suwon, South Korea with The Magic Theatre, Antiquarium, Omaha
1997 Cement sculptures and enamels on paper, Antiquarium, Omaha
1987 Western Nebraska Arts Center, Scottsbluff, Neb.
1987 Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Neb.
1989 Mexican Paintings, Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, Neb.
1991 Dog Dada, Antiquarium, Omaha
1992 Bronzes, Antiquarium, Omaha
1992 Paintings, Antiquarium, Omaha
1993 The Artel, Kearney, Neb.
1993 The Artel, Antiquarium, Omaha
1996 Paintings and sculpture, Dana College, Blair, Neb., The Elders
Theatre Set Design & Construction  
1986 Sea of Forms, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1987 Line of Least Resistance, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1987 Sea of Forms, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa
1988 Walking Through Walls, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1988 Eight Play Events, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1988 Babes Unchained, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1988 Classics, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1988 Consequences, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1988 Amtrak, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1988 The Birth of Limbo Dancing, Magic Theatre, Omaha
1993 Do You See What I Am Saying, Magic Theatre, Omaha

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