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News, commentary, any feedback. It's stuff that hasn't been printed in The Omaha Weekly and probably won't be --  reviews of demos, favorites, lists, not to mention plenty of hype about music.  The lineup is everchanging, so check back often.

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Live Performance Review:

Decline of Midwestern Civilization Benefit
Omaha, June 24

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Omaha, April 14, 2000

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May 31, 2002 -- All the Omaha music news fit to print. This time including info about:

  • Preview: Okkervil River and Strike Anywhere June 3 at The Junction and Farnam St.
  • Rex Hobart and The Misery Boys at Knickerbockers
  • Who is Wesley Willis?
  • LIARS at 906 and Cog Factory
  • Forget The Faint, Now It's Overhead
  • The Places at The Junction
  • Who is Clem Snide?
  • The Rapture Sept. 25 at the Junction
  • The Diplomats talk diplomatically
  • Operator Generator and other loud stuff
  • What's happening with Ravine?
  • Lots of shows at the Sokol
  • Lazy-i stickers are in, and they're FREE
  • The Dropscience vs. Holy Ghost
  • The Monroes to storm Omaha
  • Review: Magic Kiss, Race for Titles, Desaparecidos
  • Saddle Creek Records Update
  • Men of Porn again
  • Alex McManus on the road
  • Jimmy Eat World streaming video
  • Good Speed call it a day
  • Frank Black gets old
  • The bastard sons of Bill Monroe
  • Desaparecidos to take the stage again
  • Junction functions
  • Great Dismal no more
  • New Gary Dean Davis project 
  • Pioneer Disaster revisited
  • Collin McElroy Benefit April 21
  • FLASH! No Carls in The Hot Carls!

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Reviews of demo recordings by:

The Get

Boston and Beyond

Four Pound Robin



Chase Ave.

JRZ System

Blue Panic


Juror 13

Bliss Repair

Ronald Drew Higgerson


Chupa Cabra

Silicon bomb


Jacob's Well

Jungle Juice

The Still


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From the vault:

311 Before They Were Huge: A look at the band in '93  

Digital Sex -- Omaha ambient '94


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